Wednesday, 6th of May 2020 is World Maternal Mental Health Day.

Pregnancy and the challenges of the first year of a baby’s life represent a significant period of transition in the life of women, which will have a major impact on her life, and that of her partner and their whanau. 

We now know that one in five women who are pregnant or have just had a baby experience a mental disorder, primarily depression. These illnesses often go unnoticed and untreated, which leads to devastating consequences, both for mothers and their children. But there is a lot of evidence that indicates that when mothers receive adequate support during these challenging times, it will lead to better outcomes for women, their children and their whanau. 

We know that there is no health without mental health and increasing the awareness of maternal mental health will reduce the stigma and improve the quality of care for our mothers. We are encouraging mental health professionals, friends and relatives of new mums to ask her how she’s really feeling and encourage her to seek help. #maternalMHmatters