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Community Support Services

Our support staff work with a person’s strengths, resources and natural supports to help them create their choice of wellbeing goals that fit into the life of that individual.  Our community team and peer support staff assist our people to realise their own potential, with practical and psychological community support services tailored to the individual in a way that is empowering. 

Our community support services are based in the Waitemata, a picturesque area with numerous resources at our disposal.  Community support services may involve:

  • Becoming healthy and active 
  • Managing a budget 
  • Support to the GP or with community agencies 
  • Social support and activities in the community
  • Assistance to training or to look for a job.

Peer Support

Our peer service supports people in their recovery who are looking for ways to enhance their lives beyond their experience of a mental illness.  All our peer workers have their own lived experience of mental illness and recovery and can appreciate the importance of how hope can build new relationships with ourselves and others. Having a support worker who ‘gets’ where you’re at can be an exciting agent for change that can literally change lives. 

Peer workers ask ‘what happened to you,’ instead of ‘what is wrong.’ 

If you would like a support worker who can understand the challenges of wellbeing, then contact us for a referral.

Employment Support

We believe people can, and do, recover from challenging health conditions. Appropriate employment is often a key factor in the recovery journey and can make a dramatic difference to people’s lives – how they see the world, how they see themselves, how they see their future. 

Employment consultants meet with employers and clients every day. They work with people who are facing personal or health challenges and offer employment support to help them to find and keep jobs.  We think having a paid, meaningful job plays a crucial role in helping people live happy, healthy lives – lives that have hope. 

To be eligible for employment support you:

  • Must live permanently in Auckland
  • Are aged between 16 and 65 years
  • Face barriers to employment that impact on your ability to secure a job.  These barriers can be personal or health related
  • Have the capacity to work and be willing to participate in preparing for work activities.

Want a hand so you can find a job, keep working and stay healthy.

Call us on 09 837 5240.
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Health, Wellness & Personal Development

We offer indoor groups workshops and outdoor community programs to enhance life skills and address your personal or employment goals.  All programs are recovery and strengths-based, with a focus on personal growth. 

For those considering employment, programs also provide an opportunity to showcase your personal strengths, reliability, punctuality and teamwork.  References can be provided based on regular attendance. You are welcome to participate on both programs simultaneously. 

Potential & Possibilities

(indoor group program)
Mondays 9.00am – 12.00pm
Weekly workshops explore coping strategies, increased independence, and managing life’s ups and downs

Project Twin Streams

(outdoor group program)
Wednesdays 9.00am – 12.00pm

Project Twin Streams is a rewarding outdoor volunteer program, working in the West Auckland community to nurture and restore community spaces and stream sites. You will gain skills and knowledge in horticultural and New Zealand native plants and wildlife.  

For more information please contact:

Jude Derksen

Health, Wellness & Personal Development Facilitator

M: 021 809 878    P: 09 837 5240   E:

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