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We're here for you

We’ve provided mental health support, wellbeing and residential support services to our West Auckland communities for over 30 years.

How we can help

Our community team and peer support staff assist our people to realise their own potential.

What's happening in our community

Enjoy the stories and wellbeing support from our people, about our people, for our people.

Let's get working

Employment support will help you find a job, keep working and support your wellbeing.

Resources in our community

Life can sometimes be challenging. Need a hand? Try these helpful resources and links you can explore for yourself.

Personal development

We offer group workshops and outdoor programmes with a focus on personal growth and life skills.


Auckland is no longer using the Traffic Light System to manage COVID-19. 

Visitors are welcome at all WALSH Trust sites.  Masks are optional at Hickory Avenue, but they are required to be worn by visitors and staff at our Housing & Recovery Services (since these are healthcare facilities). 

Our support teams at WALSH Trust are available to offer assistance to people.  Staff will wear a mask if you would feel more comfortable and would prefer this.  Staff will also wear masks if they are feeling unwell themselves. 

The Senior Leadership Team at WALSH meet regularly and will continue to keep up to date with advice and will update when needed.

If you require assistance, please call (09) 837-5240 or 0800-1-WALSH.  To find out more about how you can best respond to this pandemic, head to the Unite Against COVID-19 website

The 2021 WALSH Trust Annual General Meeting was held via zoom on Tuesday 19th October 2021.  Thank you to those friends, family, people we support, colleagues and staff who zoomed in to attend.  Our annual reports are below:

Joint AGM Report – Trust Board Chair and CEO

Audited Financial Statements 2021

Auditors Report 2021

Measures that Matter Summary 2020 2021

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