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West Auckland Well-being and Community Support Services

WALSH Trust has been providing community based mental health support, and residential services for over 30 years, therefore we know a few things about mental health and the challenges of participating fully in our community. Established in 1988 with just a few staff members, WALSH Trust has been an important part of the West Auckland community, supporting people’s recovery, supported living, training, and employment services.  

30 plus years on, we now have over 100 staff members with contracts such as Awhi Ora that allow us to be flexible and to support those in our community for a short time, or if required more intense support. 

If you or your family are looking for well-being support in your community, give us a call on 09 837 5240 or complete our “get in touch” form and we will discuss with you what support you are looking for.

Charitable trust offering community support services

WALSH Trust is an award winning independent charitable trust, providing community support services, peer support, older persons service, personal development, counselling, employment support, mental health support and residential housing.

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Nuturing hope and possibilities

Our focus at WALSH Trust is to work with people to nurture hope and new possibilities. We are here to communicate people’s worth and potential so clearly that they will then be inspired to see it in themselves. 

We are extremely passionate about the mental health support work we do, and we love helping people in our West Auckland communities to acknowledge their own strengths and to define goals that are meaningful for them. 

If you live in West Auckland and think our community support services could help you, call us on
09 837 5240.

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