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On behalf of the WALSH Trust Board, welcome to our new newsletter. 

Our strategic and community contacts are important to us as we reflect on the trends, risks, and the environment outside of our organisation and how these things impact on WALSH. 

We are very proud of the resilience demonstrated by all our WALSH whānau over the last challenging years; the maintenance of our quality excellent service delivery; and good governance focusing on our strategic goals. 

The Trust welcomes and looks to a new future, with the implementation of Manatū Hauora and Te Aka Whai Ora setting the directions from He Ara Oranga and Kia Manawanui Aotearoa. It has all been said; we are more than ready for new territory with a focus on the bigger picture determining well-being and better mental health for our communities. 

In 1988 the founders of WALSH Trust embraced and formed the new model of community service delivery for mental health for people leaving institutions. Like our founders – our 

goal remains: to continue progress in growing sustainable, well-resourced and authentic partnerships; allowing us to make the choices that create the future for the communities we serve. 

Download the Newsletter here: Click Here

Nā Suzanne Sinclair (WALSH Trust Chair)