Information for keeping your home warm

from EcoMatters

Heating effectively:

  • 18-21 degrees healthy temperature, including overnight in bedrooms
  • Heat pump most efficient and has lowest running cost: set the heat pump to heat and not auto and set no higher than 22 degrees.


  • Rental properties, must have ceiling and underfloor insulation, and a ground vapour barrier where possible –


  • Open all the windows each morning for 30 minutes, get a cross breeze and then close it all up.

Insulating windows:

  • Good curtains make a significant difference:
    • Closely fitted to wall
    • Close weave fabric – two layers, one thick
    • Floor length – so they puddle on the floor for all window heights
    • Pelmet or towel to cover gap at top
    • Open first thing and close before the sun sets
  • You may be able to access free or low cost curtains at: Habitat for Humanity curtain bank – quality donated or custom made curtains available:
  • Bubble wrap- can get from EcoHub, 2 Olympic Place, New Lynn, Warehouse Stationery, NZ Post etc.
  • Window insulator kit e.g. those sold at Mitre10 or Bunnings 

Draught stopping:

  • V Seal – hardware stores
  • Brush Strips – hardware stores
  • Door snakes – can be made from scrap material
  • Flexible Sealant – hardware stores

Controlling moisture and mould:

  • Clean off any visible mould with soap and water, dry the area well to prevent regrowth.
  • Hygrometer – borrow one from Auckland Council, or find them at TradeMe or EcoHub, 2 Olympic Place, New Lynn
  • Scoopy – home and hardware stores
  • Ground Vapour barrier e.g. available at Bunnings   . Your landlord is responsible for installing this in a rental property.
  • In-home free water check via EcoMatters  if you are having trouble with your water costs. EcoMatters run this program and it is free to receive. Your landlord is responsible to fix any leaks and should not be charging you for the Fixed Wastewater charge.
  • Make sure you get a copy of your water bill from your landlord and check for any changes that you cannot explain. Do a leak test to ensure you are not paying for water you are not using.
  • Timers e.g. these from EcoHub . Four minutes in the shower, especially promoted to young children as they will grow up thinking this is normal.
  • Water saving devices:
    • Aerators
    • Flow Restrictors
    • Low Flow Shower Heads

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