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Accident Compensation Corporation New Zealand
A charitable trust that makes a difference in the lives of those affected by mental health issues with a focus on mood disorder
  Career Services
This Crown entity operates commercially to provide career advice, planning assistance and information

Council for Mental Wellbeing Trust
Sharing responsibility for mental health, CMWB Auckland Regional Consumer Network

  Department of Labour
Emplolyers' Disability Network
  EEO Employers Group
More than 400 organisations throughout New Zealand belong to the EEO Trust's EEO Employers Group. Members endeavour to recruit and reward employees on the basis of merit. They strive to be seen as 'Employers of Choice' by applicants, employees, clients, the media and the public
  Hearing Voices Network Aotearoa NZ - Te Reo Orooro
Provides research information and support for people that hear voices. Members are made up of voice hearers, family and friends, caregivers and mental health professionals. We welcome all views on hearing voices, spiritual, shamanic, different types of consciousness and encourage people to learn and explore the meaning of their voices.
  Human Rights Commission
The Commission works for a fair, safe and just society, where diversity is valued and human rights are respected.

Like Minds, Like Mine
A national programme to fight stigma and discrimination against people with experience of ental illness

  Mental Health Commission
The Mental Health Commission's task is to give the Government independent advice on how well mental health and addiction services are meeting the needs of people. We also advocate for improvements in the way mental illness and addiction are perceived and responded to.
The Mental Health Foundation of New Zealand
Making mental health everbody's business
Platform connects, collaborates and promotes a cohesive community mental health and addictions service sector
  Return to Work, Mental Health Foundation pamphlet
Guidebook for employees and employers

SF Auckland
Supporting families in mental illness


 Te Pou
The National Centre of Mental Health Research, Information and Workforce Development

  Work and Income
A service of the Minsitry of Social Development
Real jobs for people with disabilities