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Our Peer Support Workers


Rosemary's story to come...

Yvie Stewart

Yvie's story to come...

Brian McKillop

My journey, which has found me working in this rewarding field, has not been so easy but has given me the best experience in collaborative practice I could ever hope for. Studying social practice has helped me in my recovery from my own experience with a mental illness, which gave me some difficult times when it was around. I am now able to share my experience and understanding with my peers and enjoy accompanying them on their road to wellness.

Amy Brockbank It was in playing social netball with other service users that I realised that people in mental health can be really neat and lovely people. In having a good experience with workers at the DHB and a close relative that works in health, I decided to do one year’s study and work in mental health. I’m glad that my lived experience is an essential part of my work in peer support. It puts my experiences and struggles in a new light. I am happy to share the way I live my life with peers and be a part of their lives as they navigate a recovery that is uniquely theirs and inherently valuable.

Lane Donovan

Lane's story to come...