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Newspaper Articles

A counselor's guide to mental health and wellness - June 18 (research from a volunteer at a US Summer Camp for young teens who have mental health issues).

Freshen Up Looksmart for Men
Good Sorts, TV One, December 2015

Mental health in the workplace
TV3 - Story, November 2015

Deinstitutionalisation in NZ
Maori Television, October 2015

10 ways to treat depression without anti-depressants
Waking Times, July 2015

I 'came out' about my mental health
NZ Herald July 2015

Mike King documentary on suicide
Maori Television June 2015

Employers Discriminating Against People with Disabilities
TVNZ May 2015

'Versatile Workplace' Business Success - Maximise your business potential with a diverse workforce
EEO/March 2014

Ryan's story - a change of heart lands a dream job 

"Don't Let Your Job Search Depress You"
March 13 2012, Harvard Business Review Blog Network

"Mental health is becoming a significant issue for New Zealanders"
Feb 2012 Fairfax NZ News  www.stuff.co.nz

“Psychosis sufferers get a voice”  Nov 19 2011 The Aucklander

Global Diversity and Inclusion / Fostering Innovation through a Diverse Workforce
Source: Forbes/Insight

Want an Unbeatable Résumé? Read These Tips from a Top Recruiter. - Forbes

Source: forbes.com

More funding secures jobs for trio

Western Leader, 2 August 2011

Community Job Partnership Seeks Funding

www.localist.co.nz, NZ Post July 2011

Four west Auckland men have enjoyed a boost to their career prospects

Western Leader, 17 May 2011

Most vulnerable won't get a fair go under work trial

Judy McGregor, NZ Herald, 13 September, 2010

Auckland confidence shows steep dive

Christopher Adams, NZ Herald, 22 September 2010

Television Programmes

View a You Tube clip profiling a WALSHtrust client, Parveen Shankar, blind cricketer 




NCLR Spotlight on workplace stress