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Creating Connections For Living Well

Jigsaw Peer Support Services is about creating connections, through the areas of your life that are important to you. It is about your: 

J ourney

I ndependence

G rowth

S elf-esteem

A cceptance

W orth

It’s All About You - That’s What Really Counts!

jigsaw is for people who are looking for ways to enhance their lives beyond their experience of mental illness. It is offered by people who have their own experience of mental health issues and recovery.

We believe in the potential of people to recover and take control of their own lives. People are accepted for where they are at and validation is more important than fixing. There is an atmosphere of hope and celebration and people are not told what they have to do.

How The Service Works

jigsaw Peer Support Services offer people the opportunity to increase their knowledge and resources, by sharing all kinds of experience, strengths and information. It is not a clinical service and is based in the community.

By connecting with jigsaw you can have access to: One to One Peer Support and Groups.

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