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People Can Recover From Mental Ill Health

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One In Four People Affected At Any One Time

A recent New Zealand mental health survey shows nearly half (46%) of New Zealanders will experience a mental illness and/or an addiction at some time in their lives, with one in five (20%) of people affected at any one time.

Around 3% of those people - adults, young people and children - have serious ongoing and disabling mental ill health requiring treatment from specialist mental health, alcohol and drug services. The remaining 17% experience less severe, moderate and milder ill health and problems, which usually do not need treatment from specialist mental health services.

WALSHtrust's philosophy is based on the fundamental belief that people can recover from mental ill health. Recovery is defined in the Mental Health Blueprint as the ability to live well in the presence or absence of one's mental ill health - or whatever people choose to name their experience.



Anxiety Management Techniques

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